Online Marketing Needs Assessment


Read the statements below and mark if you agree or disagree based on the following scale:

0=Not Applicable/Don't Know 1=Strongly Disagree 2Disagree 3=Neutral 4=Agree 5=Strongly Agree

User-Centered Web Design

A. Our web design reflects professional color tones, adequate sized fonts and appealing calls-to-action.
B. Our site loads quickly, works in various browsers and is designed for computer screens of all sizes.
C. Visitors can find the information they need from our website, easily and quickly.
D. Our web design reflects our brand image and is consistent in both our online and offline marketing.

Search Marketing

A. An XML sitemap of our website has been submitted to the most popular search engines.
B. Our company website is listed within various directories, like DMOZ and others.
C. We publish keyword-rich content regularly via a blog, article syndication, press, social media, etc.
D. We can easily update content on our website, and edit HTML title tags, descriptions and keywords.

Conversion Marketing

A. We offer various forms of contact via phone, email, fax, forms, social media, and in-person.
B. Our contact information is visible on all pages of our website so prospects can get a hold of us quickly.
C. Our website has at least one easy-to-use web form that collects contact information.
D. The majority of our web pages have prominent, clear calls-to-action, like "contact us" or "buy now".

Relationship Marketing

A. Our website invites visitors to engage with us via social, blogging, forums or other media.
B. We quickly respond to comments about our company, regardless of the connotation.
C. Our website features client testimonials and helpful resources that support our value proposition.
D. We nurture leads and customers with emails, social media and other forms of 2-way communication.

Data & Analytics

A. Information collected on our website is securely stored and managed in a database.
B. We use unique urls and phone numbers to track and measure online marketing campaigns.
C. Our online marketing decisions are driven by accurate data that we collect by using an analytics tool.
D. We integrate one or more of our business systems with our website (CRM, email manager, etc.).

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